I received new ingredients for love spells

My love spells will be now much more powerful with the new materials and ingredients I have. They are very rare and it took me long time to gather everything I needed to cast the perfect love spell.More info about my spells

Watch my video!

I am very proud to share with you a video of me that has been filmed near the Cambodian fronteer during the celebrations for the Khmer Happy New Year. As you can see on this footage, I am demonstrating the power of Khmer black magic to the audience.
Watch the video

Amulets for protection

Do you want to receive the strongest protection amulet at home? Evil spirits will be cast away from you when you wear the talisman. I have a limited number of these items so dont wait before you order yours. Buy your amulet now


Your spell saved my couple

Thanks for the fantastic work you made for me. My husband came back last week and since we are back together, he has been more caring and loving than he ever was. I will let you know how the situation evolves but now I am pretty confident that my couple will last forever and with no interferences from other women. More Testimonies

The effects of your spell are amazing

I have find the woman of my dreams only a few weeks after your spell was cast. It all happened exactly like in the dream I had that night you started your ritual. Thank you a million times! More testimonies


I have read your website but haven't understood exactly what you offer... Are you sending me something after I placed my order?
No, I don't send anything. My service consists in casting a spell for you, so you don't have to do it yourself. First you have to be skilled and experienced to cast a spell successfully. Secondly, it might be dangerous to cast a spell yourself if you don't know exactly what you're doing. Therefore, my work consists in casting a powerful spell for you, with a high success rate, and totally safe for you. Any risk or danger that may occur during the process is placed on me.

How do I use your service?
First contact me. We will speak about your case and about the different solutions that can be found to solve your problem. Don't contact me if you want to change sex or crawl on walls like Spiderman… There are no such spells. You may find that funny but I receive a lot of requests which sound like jokes. I don't answer these people. Only serious persons get a response from me.

How do I contact you?
Please use the contact form on the website. I don't guarantee I answer all messages. I don't waste my time with curious people and unserious requests. I focus on real cases and serious persons. If you know what you want and are ready for a powerful spell, I will answer you within 24-48 hours.

You mentioned your success rate. How high is it?
If you plan to come in Thailand, come and visit me. If you stay with me during the casting of your spell, my success rate is 100%. Online, it happens that a spell fails unfortunately because I cannot control all parameters of the rituals. I maintain my success rate above 95% though.

To cast your spell, what information do you need from me?
First, I want to point out that I have great respect of your privacy and will never share your confidences with anybody. That said, I need to know everything about you (your full name, country, date of birth), about your story (any small detail can be important, so make sure you don't forget anything when you write me), and about all persons involved in the results of your spell (name, birthdates, etc.). Send me your picture if you have. I normally don't use biological samples but may request some in very complex situations.

Why Black Magic? Is it safe?
In Thailand, black magic does not have the same reputation it has in the western world. Black magic is just the fact to summon a spirit and request something. We don't have voodoo, white magic etc. Black magic is the same than witchcraft and is said “black” to be differentiated from “magic” which is the tricks people use with cards, hat, scarf etc.

How long have you been doing this?
I'm tempted to say since I was born. Khmer people generally have the same job their parents have. In my family, we have been spell casters for generations and our secrets have been transmitted from fathers to sons. Therefore my spells are of the purest kind you can ever find. I started my online activity a couple of years ago only after I successfully cast a spell for a member of my family who lives in Australia. When I realized I could keep a high success rate, I decided to have my own website and so I own since June 2013.

How much do your service cost?
Be confident that I will give you the best price. My consultation is free and my spell casting service costs from 250 usd and up. I ensure you it's the best investment you will ever make!

How do I pay you?
You have a few ways to pay with them: online with your credit card or bank transfer (only some countries. I use bluesnap and their servers are secured and hackers safe. You can also go in a western union office to pay in cash. To pay, you just have to give my name, city and country. I am giving this information when you request a spell from me. Then you will receive a verification number that you need to give me. Once I withdraw the money in hometown, I schedule your spell and prepare everything.

How long does it take before a spell actually works?
Timeline is variable but most of my clients have results within 1 month after the spell is completed. Don't request instant results because it doesn't exist in black magic. I need a few weeks at least to convince the spirits to work for your case.

Are your spells totally safe?
Yes they are. Since I do all the rituals myself, there are no chances that a spell backfires at you. As I was saying before, the only person here who is taking a risk is me. The results of my spells are very strong because I invoke very powerful spirits, therefore the danger I am exposing myself to is also a great one and this justifies the price of my services.

Do you offer a recast and after how long?
Yes, I will grant a recast if you are not totally happy after 7 weeks from the original cast. About 1% of my clients needs this boost in energies.

Yes, they are and I do not offer a refund. This is an art and not science. You have my guarantee that I will do all in my power to help you see results as soon as possible!