I received new ingredients for love spells

My love spells will be now much more powerful with the new materials and ingredients I have. They are very rare and it took me long time to gather everything I needed to cast the perfect love spell.More info about my spells

Watch my video!

I am very proud to share with you a video of me that has been filmed near the Cambodian fronteer during the celebrations for the Khmer Happy New Year. As you can see on this footage, I am demonstrating the power of Khmer black magic to the audience.
Watch the video

Amulets for protection

Do you want to receive the strongest protection amulet at home? Evil spirits will be cast away from you when you wear the talisman. I have a limited number of these items so dont wait before you order yours. Buy your amulet now


Your spell saved my couple

Thanks for the fantastic work you made for me. My husband came back last week and since we are back together, he has been more caring and loving than he ever was. I will let you know how the situation evolves but now I am pretty confident that my couple will last forever and with no interferences from other women. More Testimonies

The effects of your spell are amazing

I have find the woman of my dreams only a few weeks after your spell was cast. It all happened exactly like in the dream I had that night you started your ritual. Thank you a million times! More testimonies


Welcome to the sole website of Thai Magic on the web! You want your lover back? You love a person who doesn't want to have a date with you? You are longing for marriage? You need a protection spell to be cast? Tell me about your story is the first step to find a fast and easy solution. If you are searching for the best spells and want professional results, you are visiting the right website.

I am a famous and renowned spellcaster. My name is Somchai. I am practicing magic for more than 40 years. I am giving you the help you need to realize your wishes and dreams. Sometimes, occult means are necessary to get what you want. Thai people have always believed in a world of spirit co-existent with our own world. Some people like me are able to create connections between these two worlds to help you. I offer you to invoke the greatest spirits to grant your most important desires.

The spells I cast are very powerful and might be harmful if done by someone who has not a sufficient knowledge to do such rituals. If you want to avoid backfires and have a ritual cast at a maximum power, I am proposing you my help to cast the best spells for you. You don't have to do anything and it's absolutely risk-free for you. I am the sole person under a risk here! One single spell is a succession of many rituals and depending on the cases that are submitted to me, it can take up to one month to cast one single spell. That's why I have only a few clients each year. That's also why my spells can be expensive at times. A lot of work and time are involved. But you get what you pay for and I guarantee extremely strong results.

If you are certain to want something, my help can be very precious because there is no place for failure with me. When I am starting to work on a case, the positive outcome you are looking for is close!


black magic spells

You must read the following lines before sending your request. The magic spells I can cast for you are very powerful so you must think carefully about the results you want me to achieve. Don't ask me to cast a love spell if you just have a little crush on someone. The effects may last forever so you have to be 100% sure of what you are asking me to do.

Another very important point is your own belief in magic. If you only have doubts about black magic and show nothing but skepticism, spirits will never fulfill your dreams. On the other hand, being convinced that your spell is going to work will feed the effects of the ritual with positive energies and will eventually make the spell work. Small doubts can be overcome but then it requires additional rituals which are going to increase the price of your spell. If you have such doubts, you better tell me before I start my work for you so I can make the proper ritual.


It is engraved in my bloodline that I possess the ability to control spirits. By tradition, my ancestors have been masters in the art of invoking spirits. The most famous witch master of my family even helped the great King Yasovarman to win battles and conquer many lands. As a matter of a fact, I have learned magic with my parents. I started my journey in the world of occult at a very young age, facing fierce and powerful spirits during exhausting rituals to prove my talents. Now, it's been over 40 years that I practice witchcraft.

Be sure that you risk absolutely nothing with my rituals. I am taking care of everything to achieve what you want without any danger for you.

You can contact me now. I have about 2 or 3 clients each month. If you think your case is extremely difficult, you can rent my services for one month and I will cast as many rituals as necessary during this period of time.